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Amanita Muscaria; Herb of Immortality by Donald E. Teeter.


The Author

A word from the Ambrosia Society founder and author, Donald E. Teeter:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have spent more than 37 years researching the ancient Sacred mushroom today called Amanita muscaria. I discovered the secret reality behind the Sacred Myths and found them to be true. The Holy Grail is not a myth, but a living reality to those that know the secret. This Sacred Knowledge is our common birthright, it is our inheritance from our ancient fathers and mothers from the beginning of time. I founded the Ambrosia Society to preserve, expand and spread this knowledge for my brothers and sisters. Here you can download an E-book version of "Amanita Muscaria: Herb of Immortality” at no cost. If you think this Knowledge is worthwhile please donate to or join the Ambrosia Society.

Thank You,
Donald E. Teeter



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