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Ambrosia & Supplies

The Ambrosia Society is proud to announce the availability of Ambrosia Syrup cultured at the first Ambrosia Society Lab. The Ambrosia Syrup is available to Ambrosia Society members only, for a fixed Donation plus Shipping.

Ambrosia Syrup is a concentrated syrup of cultured Ambrosia, 1 pint will make 1 to 11/2 Quarts of diluted ready to drink Ambrosia.

Currently Ambrosia Syrup is available in the following flavor and size.

Red Grape Ambrosia Syrup
1 pint $20.00 per pint + Shipping and handling

4 pints $75.00 + Shipping and handling

Shipments are carefully packed and shipped UPS or FedEx.

To order please send check or money order for the correct amount and number of pints of Ambrosia Syrup, you want to order to the address below.

Ambrosia Society
4800 Yager Lane
Manor, Texas

If you wish to order by credit or debit card you can call 512-272-9062 between 12 - 6 pm central time and place your order.

Coming soon to this page.

Culture tubes of live Fleece for your own Ambrosia production.

Resurrection quality dried Amanita muscaria mushrooms.

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