Dionysus as a decorated white pillar surronded by women worshippers preparing offerings.
Note small white mushroom shaped objects on the table.


Dionysus with grape vines sprouting from his back.
Carrying his magic drinking Horn, the never ending Cornucopia.


Dionysus riding a Leapard, all wild spotted animals were considered representations of Dionysus.


Dionysus with drinking cup being presented with small spotted animals by his female worshippers.



"the seed that saves" or "shining god of Nysus"

All ancient Indo- European peoples possessed variants of the Soma Ceremony; the Greek god Dionysus is an example of a Greek variant of the ancient Soma God. Dionysus is an extremely old God whose name was found on a fired clay tablet written in Linear B script, an archaic form of Greek that is pre alphabet and dates to about 1450 BC.

Dionysus caused vines to spring up over night bearing Wine; obviously this is no grape vine. His Priests could convert fresh grape juice into a special potent wine over night and any cup this Wine was poured into became a Sacred object ie. a Holy Grail

His female followers went into the woods in a sacred hunt for the God himself who was in the form of “little spotted animals” who later were torn to pieces by the women with their bare hands.

The cult of Dionysus was very secretive with only woman worshipers and his male priests being admitted to the secret nighttime services. In many cases all males were excluded from certain temples or ceremonies. The cult of Dionysus also had a very public face with mass public drinking of the cults Wine at special festivals and entertainment with plays, poetry, song and theater.

When this cult reached Rome in about 300BC it was soon outlawed and by the Romans own count more than twenty thousand people were crucified, the majority women, the Romans replaced this secretive Dionysus cult with their public cult of Bacchus and these two Gods have been confused with each other ever since.

The true cult of Dionysus survived being outlawed losing the wild ecstatic dancing that marked its earlier form and eventually evolving into a religion of personal salvation, until it was outlawed by the Roman Catholic Church as being a Pagan religion.

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