The following is from the Encyclopedia Britannica (1991, vol. 26, pg. 789, Rites & Ceremonies):

“In Zoroastrianism haoma (Sanskrit soma, from the root su or bu, “to squeeze” or pound”) is the name given to the yellow plant, from which a juice was extracted and consumed in the Yasna ceremony, the general sacrifice in honor of all the deities. The liturgy of the Yasna was a remarkable anticipation of the mass in Christianity.” “Haoma was regarded by Zoroaster as the son of the Wise Lord and Creator (Ahura Mazda) and the chief priest of the Yasna cult. He was believed to be incarnate in the sacred plant that was pounded to death in order to extract its life-giving juice so that those who consumed it might be given immortality. He was regarded as both victim and priest in a sacrificial-sacramental offering in worship. As the intermediary between God and man, Haoma acquired a place and sacramental significance in the worship of Mithra (an Indo-Iranian god of light) in his capacity as the immaculate priest of Ahura Mazda with whom he was coequal. The Mithraic sacramental banquet was derived from the Yasna ceremony, wine taking the place of the haoma and Mithra that of Ahura Mazda. In the Mithraic initiation rites, it was not until one attained the status of the initiatory degree known as “Lion” that the neophyte could partake of the oblation of bread, wine, and water, which was the earthly counterpart of the celestial mystical sacramental banquet. The sacred wine gave vigor to the body, prosperity, wisdom, and the power to combat malignant spirits and to obtain immortality.”

As you can see the root theology of the Haoma is the same as the Christ, Haoma being the "Son of God" and "both victim and priest in a sacrificial-sacramental offering in worship." An impossibility must also be pointed out that "the liturgy of the Yasna was a remarkable anticipation of the mass in Christianity” in the quote above, now this either means Zoroaster was the worlds best prophet, or far more likely, that the Christian Mass is ulltimatly descended from the far older Yasna and Zoroaster. The Mithraic cult is another Indo-European Soma/Haoma cult carrying on their version of the ancient Sacramental use of Haoma. Ambrosia Society research has shown, that the sacred wine and bread of the Mithras Communion could easily have been cultured, with the Haoma plant, Amanita muscaria.

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