The Sacred Wine

The Secret to the Sacred Ambrosial Wine is the resurrection of dried Amanita muscaria as pictured above. Here a dried stem is sprouting the “eternal Fleece” after hydration with 10 times it’s weight in water. Both dried cap and stem will generate the fleece, the dried mushroom can be powdered and still resurrects.

Here is the tiny spoon used to put the powdered A. muscaria into the containers, for reference the
U. S. quarter is approx. 1inch or 24mm.

Walking on water, a small amount of dried Amanita muscaria powder germinating the fleece on the surface of pasteurized grape juice.

The 'Eternal Fleece’ growing across the surface of the grape juice.

For detailed instructions on growing your own Sacred Ambrosia Wine, download “Amanita Muscaria; Herb of Immortality” ebook for free, written by Ambrosia Society founder Donald E. Teeter.

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