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The Odes of Solomon

The Odes of Solomon is a collection of what many believe to be very early Christian Hymns numbering 42 Odes of which 41 Odes still survive. Most scholars agree the Odes of Solomon were composed no later than the middle of the 2nd century (200 AD) however, many scholars believe they date to the end of the 1 century AD (100AD). In either case the Odes of Solomon predate the formation of the official Roman State sponsored religion that came to be known as Christianity. Because of the Odes creation in the earliest years of Christianity, the surviving Odes of Solomon provide us with a rare glimpse of the ancient original Soma/Eucharist religion of “living water that does not die”.

Translation below is by James H. Charlesworth.

Ode 6

“8. For there went forth a stream, and it became a river great and broad; indeed it carried away everything, and it shattered and brought it to the Temple.
9. And the barriers which were built by men were not able to restrain it, nor even the arts of them who habitually restrain water.
10. For it spread over the surface of all the earth, and it filled everything.
11. Then all the thirsty upon the earth drank, and thirst was relieved and quenched;
12. For from the Most High the drink was given.
13. Blessed, therefore, are the ministers of that drink, who have been entrusted with His water.
14. They have refreshed the parched lips, and have aroused the paralyzed will.
15. Even living persons who were about to expire, they have held back from death.
16. And limbs which have collapsed, they have restored and set up.
17. They gave strength for their coming, and light for their eyes.
18. Because everyone recognized them as the Lord's, and lived by the living water of eternity.”

Ode 11

“4. From the beginning until the end I received His knowledge.
5. And I was established upon the rock of truth, where He had set me.
6. And speaking waters touched my lips from the fountain of the Lord generously.
7. And so I drank and became intoxicated, from the living water that does not die*.
8. And my intoxication did not cause ignorance, but I abandoned vanity,
9. And turned toward the Most High, my God, and was enriched by His favors.
10. And I rejected the folly cast upon the earth, and stripped it off and cast it from me.
11. And the Lord renewed me with His garment, and possessed me by His light.
12. And from above He gave me immortal rest, and I became like the land that blossoms and rejoices in its fruits.”

*living water that does not die = living drops, of Soma; Rig Veda 9-64-17

Ode 30

“1. Fill for yourselves water from the living fountain of the Lord, because it has been opened for you.
2. And come all you thirsty and take a drink, and rest beside the fountain of the Lord.
3. Because it is pleasing and sparkling, and perpetually refreshes the self.
4. For much sweeter is its water than honey, and the honeycomb of bees is not to be compared with it;
5. Because it flowed from the lips of the Lord, and it named from the heart of the Lord.
6. And it came boundless and invisible, and until it was set in the middle they knew it not.
7. Blessed are they who have drunk from it, and have refreshed themselves by it.”

The Odes of Solomon’s magical Sacramental “living water” tastes like honey but coming from the “living fountain of the Lord” is superior to honey, it “intoxicates” but does not cause “ignorance”, in fact the intoxication of the living water leads to greater Wisdom and it heals and restores the sick, tired, and dying people who drink it.

Because the Odes contain “Christian” themes, such as the Messiah (the anointed one), immortality, healing, redemption, and salvation, they are automatically thought to be Christian, by Christian scholars who studied them. However, a quick electronic search of the texts shows “Jesus” is not mentioned at all, neither are the Apostles, there is no mention of the “Crucifixion”, there is no Communion of bread and wine or a “last supper”. Instead, the Odes show a religion based on the consumption of a real honey flavored, physically immortal, “living water” drink, that came from the earthly “Messiah” the “living fountain of the Lord”. This ancient Christian “living water” shares all the attributes of the original Soma in the Rig Veda, from the honey sweet taste, to being physically “immortal” and producing a divine intoxication, leading to wisdom, healing the sick etc. Since the “living water” of the Odes is identical to the original Soma of the Rig Veda, the “living water” religion described in the Odes is actually a very ancient religion that is obviously pre “Christian” in time. Hints of this ancient “living water” religion are also found in the writings attributed to the Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah, who lived from before 626 BC to some time after 587BC.

Jeremiah 2:13 “For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed themselves out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.”

This little passage tells us two things very clearly, first Jeremiah was obviously a drinker of the same living water mentioned in the Odes, second, in Jeremiah’s time there were misguided people who were creating their own cults/religion(s) without the “fountain of living waters” that in the Prophet’s opinion were at best worthless since they contained no healing living water.

It would appear that a far older Vedic “living water” religion became the theological basis for the much later development of today’s “Christianity”. So what happened to the original living water Christianity? Why is the Vedic type of Christianity pictured in the Odes of Solomon so very different from the official Roman Empire “Christianity” founded by Emperor Constantine 1 in 325 AD with the First Council of Nicaea? Well, my research shows the First Council of Nicaea was a gathering of Bishops from around the Roman Empire that got together at the Emperor’s orders and expense, and who then codified the “official Christian belief”, in turn all the other “non-official” Christian beliefs and interpretations of scripture were classed as “Heresy” by this and succeeding councils of Bishops. Remember, “Heresy” is a capital thought crime to the Church thought police and was punished with the torture and death of all the “heretics” they could find. All Christians holding views differing from Church dogma and theology were literally killed out of existence or forced to go “underground”. Today, with a little computer research, one discovers that all the major Christian Churches of the western world are directly descended from that First Council of Nicaea. As a direct result of the codification of official “Christian” belief in “the Nicene Creed" and the centuries of murder of all Christians and Pagans who might posses a different understanding of the Church’s own scripture, the Churches today no longer publicly posses the ancient “living water” that tastes like honey.

The secret of the real Soma/Christ/Messiah/Eucharist/Living Fountain, the earthly source of the “living water” was effectively hidden by the early Church from the “pagan”world, simply by officially claiming the Gospels are “History” and that “Jesus was a real flesh and blood man” and that he was the “Christ/Messiah”. Understand, that the ‘Pagan” world’s more intelligent members would have readily searched the Natural world seeking to understand the secrets of the Christ story if only it had been presented to them as sacred Mythology, instead of a sacred history. Eventually, over almost two millennia of Church thought policing, the mainstream Christian view of the “History” of the “Man/God” Jesus became the only accepted version and interpretation of the story allowed and once the story was considered “history” not “myth”, it became very hard to identify the real “Messiah” the source of the “living water”. After all, no modern believing Christian even looks to the natural world for the source of this ancient“living water” since Christian doctrine says “everyone knows” “Jesus the Man is the Christ/Messiah” and after a two thousand year thirst for the living water “everyone knows” Jesus is not here right now to supply you with that promised drink of “living water”! Like the Hebrew cults of the prophet Jeremiah’s time, the Christian sects have dug countless cisterns, yet, all are broken cisterns that can never hold the “living water”. Since, modern Christians do not understand what the ancient Messiah/Christ really was, is, and will always be, the “Christian” sects of today have forgotten that their spiritual ancestors once possessed a great Gift of Nature, the divine”living water” from the “living fountain of the Lord”.

Today, those who have tasted the real “living water” know it is the pure essence of the original religion displayed in the Odes of Solomon, it gushes forth from the Lords anointed one, it flows from the living fountain of the Lord, honey is pressed from the living stone, honey that heals the sick and opens the eyes of the blind, a water of life that will not die because it carries its immortality in every drop, while it drips with the sweetness of its wisdom, prophecy, poetry, and song.

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