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The Ambrosia Society is an international association of Natural persons, who have gathered together to share the Sacrament, and to further our Society’s goals. The Ambrosia Society is an Educational, Scientific, Sacramental, and Fraternal Society organized under the Texas Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act, USA.

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The Ambrosia Society is dedicated to

• returning the real Holy Grail to our brothers and sisters who have lost the ancient secret. 
• share the ancient Sacrament with our brothers and sisters who wish to taste the honey sweet knowledge of Divinity.
• explore and teach the secrets of the Sacrament contained in the worlds ancient religious texts.
• join together to legally defend the religious rights of our Members to use the ancient Sacrament, from any prosecution or persecution by Governments or individuals.
• create Sacred Groves growing the Sacrament, Vineyards to produce Ambrosia, Bakeries to make the Living Bread and Ambrosia Houses to serve as local centers of the Ambrosia Society.

Current Projects

The Ambrosia Society aspires to grow as a society devoted to sharing the knowledge of the ancient Sacrament, Amanita Muscaria.

Current Ambrosia Society Goals:

Website Development to provide the largest and most comprehensive online dedicated to all aspects of the history of the sacramental use of Amanita Muscaria.

Video Tutorials of Culturing the Eternal Fleece, the Ambrosia Wine, the Living bread and the Holy Grail.

Continuous Addition of Original Articles and Essays written by the Founders of The Ambrosia Society and Members.

Continue the Research, Experimentation and Documentation of our Sacrament.

A word from the Ambrosia Society founder and author, Donald E. Teeter:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have spent more than 37 years researching the ancient Sacred mushroom today called Amanita muscaria. I discovered the secret reality behind the Sacred Myths and found them to be true. The Holy Grail is not a myth, but a living reality to those that know the secret. This Sacred Knowledge is our common birthright, it is our inheritance from our ancient fathers and mothers from the beginning of time. I founded the Ambrosia Society to preserve, expand and spread this knowledge for my brothers and sisters. Here you can download an version of "Amanita Muscaria: Herb of Immortality” at no cost. If you think this Knowledge is worthwhile please to or the Ambrosia Society.

Thank You,
Donald E. Teeter


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