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The Ambrosia Society is dedicated to

returning the real Holy Grail to our brothers and sisters who have lost the ancient secret. 
share the ancient Sacrament with our brothers and sisters who wish to taste the honey sweet knowledge of Divinity.
explore and teach the secrets of the Sacrament contained in the worlds ancient religious texts.
join together to legally defend the religious rights of our Members to use the ancient Sacrament, from any prosecution or persecution by Governments or individuals.
create Sacred Groves growing the Sacrament, Vineyards to produce Ambrosia, Bakeries to make the Living Bread and Ambrosia Houses to serve as local centers of the Ambrosia Society.

The Ambrosia Society is an international association of Natural persons who have gathered together to share the Sacrament, and to further our Society’s goals. The Ambrosia Society is an Educational, Scientific, Sacramental, and Fraternal Society organized under the Texas Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act, USA.

Ambrosia Society members perform many different functions. Some teach, some gather the Sacrament, some grow the Sacrament, some further the research, some become healers, some spread the word, and some do all the above.

To become an Ambrosia Society member, you must be a Natural person at least 18 years of age, with a desire to serve the Sacrament by joining the Ambrosia Society, and is willing to help further the goals of the Society listed above. In addition you must agree to the statements on the Membership form, by printing it out, signing and dating it, and mailing the form along with your check or money order for ( $25.00 yearly membership, or $250.00 for a lifetime membership, at this time US funds only please) to the address at the bottom of the form.

The Benefits of Ambrosia Society Membership

Access to the Ambrosia Society Members Page: All members will receive a personal account that provides access to the Members Page, a dynamic site with many features which include:

Members Forum: A forum for members to communicate with the entire Society and a place to find and add all information and research to further the world’s knowledge of the Sacrament. The Members Forum will never cease to continue to grow and will include topics such as:

General Society Discussion

Cultivation Help: Members will be able to ask for and receive advice concerning growing the Fleece. This area of the forum will be monitored and moderated by Founding Members, and Members who have proved their knowledge and ability to grow clean cultures of the Eternal Fleece.

Testimonials: Members can post and read testimonials from other members and non-members who have documented their experience with the Sacrament. 

Research Center: Members are encouraged to participate with furthering the research of all aspects concerning the Sacrament.

Tutorial and E-learning Portal: As the Ambrosia Society strives to build Wineries and Bakeries at many different locations, we understand the need for “quality control”. The Ambrosia Society will offer tutorials for growing the Ambrosia and the Living Bread in multi-media formats such as videos and photos. Members will have unique access to participate in “E-Learning Portals” where they can be certified by the Ambrosia Society as their knowledge grows.

Sacraments Exchange: Members can congregate to find other Ambrosia Society members and chapters in their area. Members will also be able to receive various forms of the Sacrament (including: Ambrosia, Living Bread, Eternal Fleece, and more) for donations made to further the expansion and growth of the Society. This is not available to non members.

Lifetime Members: Lifetime members will enjoy certain privileges that yearly Members do not. Such as the ability to vote in Society decisions, and the possibility to open their own local Ambrosia Society chapter. Lifetime members also have more responsibilities and are expected to contribute to the Ambrosia Society with time, labor, and/or funds.

Print the application form, sign and date it, check Yearly or Lifetime Membership, enclose your check or money order for the correct amount and mail to the address at the bottom of the form. Make check payable to Gardens of The Ancients.

The Ambrosia Society Newsletter